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I don’t sell Title Insurance…I sell myself, my value, my need to always help, and my knowledge in which the product is Title and Escrow Services. I like to build relationships with you based on trust and dependability so that you never question your decision on using Star Title. You and your clients are the MOST valuable asset to Star Title and my goal is to always make sure you feel that way.

Lesley Pillen

Sales Manager

Lesley Pillen-1.jpg


Star Title is quick to jump in and help through the title process. When you have a question we find the answer.

"Lesley is a true asset to the Star Title team and to all the Realtors that use Star Title. No matter what hurdles we run into during a transaction, she is always there to help figure it out and get the job done. I am so thankful to have her as a colleague."

-Samuel Murray, Realtor Five Star Real Estate.


We would love to know how you feel about your experience with Star Title. Your comments help us improve our process and bring smiles to our faces. 

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